Week 8 Reflection

Another week down and that was the last shortened week that I will have during my practicum. Even though I enjoy the extra time off I am relieved that there are no more short weeks left in practicum. I find that the students cannot recover from them as quickly as a regular weekend, so it affects class time and their work ethic. As well I have a hard time getting back into the teaching mind after so much time off. It was a bit of a frustrating week for me because we had our third Unit test in two of my classes and a very high amount of my students were nowhere ready for the test on the test day. I had to make all sorts of arrangements with the students to get their tests done by the end of the week that fit into their busy schedules as well as mine. My grade 8s were having similar issues in the sense that many had been away missing school because of sports or family vacations, so I had to ensure that all of them were caught up too.
Every day of the week I come early before school to hold tutorial sessions for my students with my sponsor teachers. I’m used to putting in the extra time like that with my students and I am glad to see so many of my students take advantage of that time, but this week was my first experience with having next to no time to even eat lunches or take attendance because of all the assistance needed. When it was all over and done I was glad that I could be there for my students and get most of them back on track, but I know that I need to take the time for myself during the day so I maintain my health. I think that I can be available those extra times every once in a while when my students really need it, but I should be strict about coming to morning sessions if they would like or need the extra time with me.
I found myself implementing a stronger presence with my classes this week because of behaviour, so I had to show them that I will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour anymore and there will be consequences to your actions. I still need to grow with in that area, but I am feeling more and more confident every day. I have noticed a change in them as well when I am speaking to the class as a whole they have grown by being more respectful and listening.
I am entering this last month hoping to keep my students on track with their work, continue to grow in my classroom management, and try new things with my classes. I have been getting feedback from my students lately, and I would like to try to implement some of their thoughts and continue to listen to what they are feeling and thinking with the class and their work ethic.


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