Week 9 Reflection

Well another week done of practicum and only 4 more weeks left till it’s all over. This week was more or less a regular week of teaching for me, especially since we have had so many days off or assemblies or something to interrupt class time. I finished another unit with my Math 8 classes, and I was very pleased to see such high outcomes from all my students on this unit. Also I was glad to have several students attend tutorials for re writes this week, so they could boost their marks for their term 3 report cards which will be done this next week. In my Math 11 classes we worked on completing Unit 4 requirements and had a couple in class quizzes to prepare for their unit tests first thing next week. My sponsor teacher and I decided to change the structure of class time for this unit because so many students were falling behind in the last unit, and I am happy to say I noticed a great change in that most of the class is right on track with the work and will write the test on time. I have also noticed students taking the initiative to come in for morning tutorials to get extra help on tough concepts, work on catching up in the units if they are behind and to study for a re write on a previous unit test. I love seeing that they notice such a difference on their tests after putting in a little more time into the unit’s content and concepts. I have been able to see lots of improvement in my students grades in their re write attempts.
However, I have also noticed some negative changes in my student’s work ethic which reflects on their marks. I have students that started the semester off with a great work habit and the marks their received were very important to them, but lately they have been coming to class with negativity, very little work ethic and their test marks are falling from that. I wonder if maybe it’s because we are at the half way point for this last semester and as summer approaches their moods towards school changes. Anyways, I am going to continue working with my students bringing positivity and support to them so that their experience in my class is beneficial to their progress and that they enjoy themselves. I have been able to communicate with all my students making arrangements for their work and tests, so that we can have them all on track in class with their very busy schedules. I have several high performance athletes who miss weeks at a time and students going on vacations and such, but I have been able to organize their progress in a way that puts them at ease and keeps them moving forward.
I had a great observation this week with my faculty advisor who observed my pre-calculus 11 class, and we made some plans to wrap up my practicum on a high note. So far in my progress I have been able to acknowledge and find ways to grow and improve in areas I struggled such as classroom management. Now to end things off I will continue implementing those tools into my classes, but I plan to also try a few new things in my last units. We discussed that I should use some rubrics in my teaching, so for my grade 8’s I will be giving them a work ethic rubric this next week to help me decide for their report cards. For my 11’s we decided for this next unit that they will choose what type of assessment they want for the unit such as a test, project, interview, etc. I will give them the choices and how they will be assessed such as a rubric, and then each student will pick their own method. It will include different forms of summative and formative assessment for each individual.
I am looking forward to seeing the final outcomes from my students before I leave and trying any other techniques I haven’t before I am sent off on my own. I know I am ready though!


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