Week 11 Reflection

Another week has finished and it’s crazy to think that my practicum is just about over! The last month has flown by, and now I will be wrapping up my classes this coming week. I started this past week off feeling really confident with all that I have done in my teaching and excited to finish off strong in the next several days. However, I had an observation Monday afternoon and it threw me for a loop because I was feeling confident and that I had grown a lot in the areas that I was weak in but I was informed that I was not where I needed to be in monitoring behaviour. It was a tough afternoon with my grade 11’s with the changing in weather and hitting the half way point of the semester, so behaviour that day was pretty inappropriate. I tried to handle it in the ways that I had been taught throughout my practicum, but once the situation was over I immediately thought of ways that would have been better and would of set a tone for all of the students. Well since I was being observed I knew that it would come up in our debrief at the end of the day and I was prepared to talk about that, and that I knew I could of done things differently for better effectiveness. However, I was not expecting the conversation we had because it seemed like they thought I had had no growth in classroom management and it was a serious concern. I felt pretty stunned to hear the things they were saying to me, so I got emotional during the conversation. In the end I understood what they were saying about monitoring behavior and I did admit I had apprehensions about it that I have to get over, but I left it feeling lost about where I really was in my progress from my practicum. I took time to think about it all, and I decided to shake everything off and continue on with the new techniques they talked about for classroom management. The next lesson I had with that class went great, and the observation I had from my sponsor teacher from it showed that I am growing with that area and I take in all the feedback they give me and try to apply it. From that day the rest of the week was awesome, I had great lessons with all my classes, I was able to discuss classroom behavior with my students and I set the tone for what’s appropriate and what the consequences are when they are not. Even though the week started off hard for me I was able to shake it off, take in what they said, apply it and finish off strong. Classroom management is something that teachers will always have to grow in with the new students they have each year, so I know that throughout my career I will be able to continue to grow and development for whatever comes my way. In my last week this coming week I am finishing with some summative assessments and then I plan to have some fun and celebrate with the amazing students that I have had the opportunity to work with!


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