Week 12 Reflection

It was a bittersweet feeling at the end of this past week because I finished teaching all of my classes. I was very excited to be done with the planning, observations, and all the other work of practicum, but saying goodbye to all my students and goodbye to teaching for a while made me sad. I finished up all of my classes with an assessment, so that my sponsor teachers could take over and start fresh with something new. Overall it was an awesome week; I managed to get all of my student’s assessments done and marked right away and plan some fun for us to celebrate our time together. In my grade 11 honours class we planned a π themed potluck, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much they all contributed. Almost everyone brought some food item for the class and most of them were pies which followed the theme quite well! I had one student make these individual servings of apple pies in these little glasses and top them off with a decorative chocolate π symbol. Not only were they amazing to look at they also tasted delicious, and I had two! We finished that day off playing our favourite math game called password, and it was so fun and nice to relax and visit with my students at the end of our journey together. I also had a bit of a celebration with my grade 8 classes where I brought some cookies and pies to give to them. I really enjoyed working with both of those classes, and it was so nice to see that they were going to miss me as much as I would miss them. Overall this week from start to finish was so nice and a lot of fun, so I’m extremely thankful for the experiences I had and cannot wait to get started on some more!
Next week is the last week at OKM for us student teachers, and I plan on viewing some other teachers that I haven’t seen yet, cleaning up my supplies and wrapping up my time there with some more celebrations with the people that have shared this experience!